Knight & Classy

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Life With Classy & Knight

The Disagreement

Classy looks into Knights eyes as she states her disagreement of his opinion, in return Knight feels frustrated but he understands and respects her.

Knight and Classy have determined they will agree to disagree and will end their evening with a kiss and embrace.

Always listening to what they want keeps their relationship on track.  AllThatRomance offers many more tips on learning how to change your love life from ordinary to amazing.


Dancing The Night Away

Have fun with your partner, plan a night of dancing, either out on the town or an intimate night of dancing at home.

Get dressed up and make your evening together special, If your going out for a night of dancing, Start your evening with appetizers at a restaurant you both love or why not try a new one. A full dinner on your stomach will fill you to much for dancing, that's why appetizers will be the better choice.

Another choice of dancing the night away is at home with an intimate atmosphere.
Dress up dim the lights, candle lite room is very romantic with your favorite slow and easy music to get your both in the mood. Either buy some appetizers or prepare them together.

Dance close together using all your body parts to do the touching and rubbing, make lots of eye contact. Make the dancing last into the night before making love, creating a night of passion and intimacy.

The emotional and physical closeness will be a rewarding memory you will both remember forever.

Creating AllThatRomance is good for your emotional and physical health.

Romantic Meal At Home

Knight breathes in the aroma coming from the kitchen, he knows Classy has been preparing a romantic meal for the evening, he's feeling excited and can't wait to enjoy her meal and sharing the evening alone together.

He enters the kitchen, his heart skips a beat, he gazes upon Classy's beauty as she stands over the stove. Knight walks slowly over to greet her, Classy turns her head and smiles as she asks him to come stand next to her, she wants him to taste the sauce from her spoon. Knight holds her wrist gently as Classy guides the spoon to his mouth, this is a very tender moment.  He sips her sauce and then pulls her close for a tender kiss.

Knight and Classy make special dates at home that ensures there intimacy. 

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